"Abstract is to painting what poetry is to writing"

– Kamran Azim


Artist's Note

My name is Kamran Azim. I am a multidisciplinary artist based out of Mumbai. I work across various genres of art, primarily abstract. I graduated from Delhi college of art and started my career as a visualiser and story board artist for advertising agencies. I soon developed a keen interest in 3D animation and moved to Mumbai after a brief formal education in the same. I worked for 5 years with prestigious 3D animation studios such as Maya entertainment and Trine animation studio before I ventured to do a post graduate diploma in 3D animation from Media Design School, New Zealand. After exploring the field in international territories, I moved back to India and worked as a freelance 3D generalist.


I took to painting as a result of channelling my emotions after a significantly grievous incident in my life. It started merely as an escape before I was introduced to abstract art which compelled me to explore it. I was intrigued as well as inspired by this genre as it gave me the liberty to use my intuition substantially. It brings out colours, forms and composition in ways I had never thought about. Each abstract piece is mysterious in its own way and yet it answers plenty of questions in depth.


I approach the canvas either with a pre conceived idea to make a statement or to explore my own self. I begin with a few strokes, marks or even with a splash of a colour on the canvas depending on my mood and feelings. Thereafter, I become part of the canvas and colours as it forms a rhythm and the process of painting flows through. I use many layers of paint, alter light, colour, shadows and forms. This entire process reveals to me my innermost self and often takes me by surprise.