"Abstract is to painting what poetry is to writing"

- Kamran Azim

Artist's Note

I believe that an abstract painting on your wall in a way, is equal to the stone in your ring. Both work in a similar fashion, towards similar goals.

A very important aspect of an abstract painting is the correct aptitude to paint. And you get the correct aptitude by learning how to let go & how to go with the flow. I have learnt that abstract painting mimics real life in this way.

I use a lot of colours and strokes. If you look at my abstract painting as a unit it should alter your mood towards happiness & positivity. If you don’t feel that with one painting then you might feel it with another. Just like selecting the correct stone, you need to connect with the right painting.

Some of my paintings are simply a visual representation of the world seen by an abstract artist. However, in some paintings, if you happen to spend time staring at them, then it might give you some forms to indulge in and give way to your own imagination and creativity. Just how we see clouds and make our own tangible forms in them. I hope you enjoy my paintings.



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